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I will wait for you, take care, like this He said that the sadness should not end and
disappeared into the blue… Meaningless, empty, I started to rise. When I came out, the
people next to me were fussy…

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Are you okay? If you want to lie down a little bit… Ayşegül
also grabbed my cheek with panic, which she tried not to show, dear, are you okay? I shook
my head, I couldn’t look into his eyes… It’s like I’ll screw everything up… If you give up on How Much House Can I Afford
this love, waiting like this every time… I said, do I give up on this love, softly, not even knowing where I am yet…. The sadness of the evening descended on the shore…

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In my favorite hours, I sipped raki without pleasure.. Ayşegül is restless with her feminine instincts,
I am a fish……..I am ridiculous..

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I always get what I want, I go crazy systematically, yes… Yes,
it must be like this, I go crazy systematically… I want to pack up and go… My clothes, my chase online banking
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tube, everything.. I want to leave everything, including Ayşegül. I packed my things with a
senseless ambition… My suitcase is stuffy, so is my inside.. And I feel like running away from life, blowing towards the mountains…

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But what if, for the rest of my life, a small china fish
sticks to my collar… What if, all my life, my dreams are like the warm kiss of cold waters. if it
hits… If it’s one of all my unfinished loves. I can’t believe my thoughts. It smells like the love fishing in Punta Cana
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of high school teenagers… Nope… I have to dive again, I have to end this stupid dream… I
woke up sweating in the first light of the morning. I could hardly collect my clothes, my

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palette. I dressed in the solitude of the beach, shivering in the waters not yet warmed by the sun. I slowly let myself into the magic of blue… My high school excitement started.

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My hands
got sweaty in the cold water, I remembered my first love.. I was able to declare my love in a
letter… He also accepted.

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Then we decided to meet. When I first saw him, I felt like I was
going to fall. How could I have forgotten that… A silly high school smile clung to my lips, I just
floated into the blues. To get out of my air as soon as possible and end this stupid dream…
Thousands of fish float by me and scatter here and there… I am looking for the little china fish…

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Maybe my hopes, the dreams I had since I was little, the love I lost because I was small,
I couldn’t fight… In short, I am looking for myself… What about me, the little china fish said
in a soft voice… What about me!.. I jumped in the cold waters as if being caught by
thousands of volleys. It’s like the waters boiled and burned me as if… I didn’t want to take
another breath, just to let myself go to the blues… But you.. You, the little china fish
stammered in surprise… .. A word, moreover, an incomplete word… We froze, as if we were
frozen. The talk is over, in the whole sea. The talk is over… I said okay now… He said nothing;
we will swim. You are happier. Me, confused and thoughtful… Why couldn’t I say confused and thoughtful… Remember, he said, I’m in love, now he’s confused, you’re the one I’ve
been dreaming of for years, my dream that can’t be achieved, and here you are, you
suddenly appear, you impress me so much, but I’m still in love… We swam in the seas where
the words ended … The blues are strange, they are no longer in their old color. It’s as if the
little chinafish’s shimmer has faded. It’s as if the little chinafish is floating in a strange wave
of sadness that he cannot describe. I stretched out my hand… I put a friendly smile on my
face… But I am out of air… He said I know, I need time too, you know that too, but my Wells Fargo Near Me
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friendship will always be with him… I hid my eyes, blinded their meaning, left my mind with
him and floated upwards. .. Ayşegül was just motionless on the beach… She didn’t come to
me, I went and sat next to her… We both faced the sea… She said what kind of game is this,
with the last energy of her voice?.. I said I don’t know, I don’t know… Maybe it’s deadly. Jerry
is someone who is loved by the people around him. He was always in good spirits.