Another point of interest in the North Island was the caves in Waitomo, which were filled with glowworms. It was the first time I saw these firefly smoldering maggots that covered the cave ceiling like stars, and I was very impressed. The fact that these maggots on the dark cave ceiling and the stars we see at night give the same effect seemed like another example of the theory of relativity.

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North Island’s bonus was Hot Water Beach to its east. In the evening, after the water had receded, we went to the beach, made a small pool to sit in, and waited for it to be filled with hot water coming out of the ground. It was like a dream to watch the moonlight with our swimsuits in the hot water on the beach in that cold weather.

Oh South Island ah! You still have my heart… As if I had seen a mountain for the first time in my life, I was struck by the mountains of the south island. The mountains are neither too high nor too low. The snow that looks like it has been sprinkled halfway with powdered sugar. It’s like I don’t have enough words to describe the South Island. Do a lot of hiking in Queenstown, go to Roys Peak in Wanaka and dance with the famous tree by the lake on the way back, spend money in Franz Josef and take a helicopter glacier walk, enjoy the road on the west coast, Big Little Lies’ opening song Michael Kiwanuka

You should make it with Cold Little Heart and eat pancakes at the cafe by the rocks that look like pancakes in Putai, walk in the view of Lord of The Rings in Lake Tekapo feeling like an elf and follow the Milky Way with bare eyes at night, Gandalf in the small town of Glenorchy He should not spare a fatiha for the soul of ‘s soul… In short, he should absorb every part of this corner of heaven in the world… Let me make an irony at the beginning of my article so that I don’t get carried away, Dear Reader 🙂 I had a dream of marrying the person who left me after the accident, on Roys Peak hill. I had such a dream with the illusions of youth, far away from everyone and two lovers would be enough for each other. Who knew I’d get to New Zealand another way? Dreams live…

Budget: It is a very very expensive country. When it comes to transportation, accommodation, food and activities, an average of 100 Euros per day is easily spent. The country’s most important sources of income are animal husbandry and tourism. The fact that it is far away allows tourists to spend this money easily, let’s see what they have.

Duration: At least 1 month is required to travel across the country.
Accommodation: I usually stayed at YHA hostel. It is clean, the kitchen layout is very good, and they have single-bed rooms. It was very good to meet local people and to stay in Airbnb once a week for laundry breaks.

Food: Unfortunately, it is very, very poor in terms of gastronomy. Outside of the big cities of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, not much should be expected when it comes to food. A complete disappointment with the coffee. Big Fig, making pancakes in Wanaka, was my favorite place. I was happy to come across Cenk Sonmezsoy’s book at the other end of the world.

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Airport: I didn’t go to Australia, but I watched a program called Border Security on TV. Security was allowing entry into the country after very tight searches. I had a similar experience when I entered New Zealand. In the entry declaration form given, there were detailed questions from the mud in my hiking boots to the content of my snacks.

In these days when we are closed due to the COVID19 epidemic, I am thankful that I was able to travel at every opportunity and hope to set sail for new adventures as soon as possible.

This time, our guest writer is Özden Yalım, a 1970 graduate and METU traveler. We met with Özden Hoca at the METU meeting held in Amsterdam. He was one of the first students of Muhan Soysal and after graduating from METU Administrative Sciences, he came to the Netherlands for his master’s degree. He continued to live here. Every time we meet with him, I learn new things, my horizons are opened. As two travelers, we also share a lot about travel. After listening to his before and after Algeria impressions, I noticed some points reminiscent of Namibia. I wanted to open these comprehensive notes, which he shared on his Facebook page, to other travelers here with his permission.

The first stage of the Algeria tour was the Sahara Desert tour. We arrived at Djanet airport in two hours by propeller plane from Algiers airport (I last boarded a propeller plane 55 years ago). Djanet is a township center in the Province of Illizi, in southeastern Algeria. It is a UNESCO-protected city at an altitude of 1000 meters, with a history dating back to prehistoric times. As in other cities of Algeria, living areas are surrounded by high walls, so it is not possible to see it just by walking around the streets, it is necessary to visit the city privately. This region is very rich in natural gas (but 75% of this natural resource is in the hands of foreign companies).

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Ezi organizers are collaborating with the Tuaregs to roam the desert. The Tuareg are a large ethnic Berber people. A nomadic group spread as far as the Sahara, southwestern Libya, southern Algeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. The Tuaregs guiding our group know the desert like the palm of their hand. It’s like they’re carrying a compass or “navigator” inside them.